Jayanth Sivakumar

Data Scientist | Statistician | Data Engineer | Data Analyst | Software Engineer | Web Developer
R | Python | Flask | SQL | Apache Spark | SparkSQL | Spark MLlib

Hello, world! I’m doing my Ph.D. in Mathematics at SUNY Binghamton with the concentration on statistical machine learning. I graduated with master’s degree in computer science at SUNY Binghamton. I'm a data scientist, Big Data Enthusiast, Data Analyst and a software developer. I work as a data analyst at the graduate school admissions in Binghamton University. I work with admissions data to improve the student’s admission rate on target locations. We use predictive modeling and ARIMA to work with identifying the target students on prospective locations for likely enrollment after the admission. When I worked with NYC taxi dataset, I got introduced to big data technologies, such as Apache Spark for exploratory data analysis and Python pandas to make the inferences from the dataset. Later during the time of graduation, I started exploring the machine learning techniques and algorithms to create a classification model on Chicago crime’s dataset to predict the arrest rate for the crime for future observations. I used Apache Spark’s MLlib for classification and Python’s scikit-learn and pandas to do preprocessing and data wrangling. During the time I joined my Ph.D. in mathematics I got exposed to the statistical methods and inference. In one of the coursework’s data competition in Kaggle, I secured the first place by creating a classification model of 97% accuracy on private leaderboard. It is a gene classification with 40,000 variables. The final model had only 20 significant variables. Using the support of parallel computing in R programming, I used a modified step-wise variable selection. I love working with big datasets and apply machine learning techniques to infer some interesting findings. I worked as an associate application developer at ADP Inc, India. I worked on HR.NET- ADP’s payroll processing web application, using C# and ASP. You can find some of the codes on the Projects tab.